Blocked Drains and Sewer Problems

You can easily recognize a blocked drain because wastes will not flush in the bowl and there is a great possibility that it will overflow. There will also probably be a foul odor around. When your neighbor is not experiencing the same problem, then probably you’re only the one experiencing a blocked drain. But if they do, then there’s a sewer problem in your area. So what can one do when their drains are blocked? Responsibility for clearing the drain is dependent on where the obstruction lies. If the problem is within your place, then its your responsibility to resolve that problem. But if it is beyond your border, then you can call the government so they can take action on it. Should you be certain the problem is in your own place, verify first if you have any insurance policies before you unclog it yourself. If you’re not able to clear it yourself, then it’s time to contact an experienced professional plumber to help clear the strain or perform any repairs.


Blocked sewers in addition to blocked drains received a lot of telephone calls every year from people asking how to clear them. Just what is an exclusive drain or sewer? Drains or sewers include the water lines that holds harmful waste materials or water of individual homes. When it caters a lot of homes, then it is already a public sewer. Your home insurance can cover virtually any drain unblocking measures in addition to repairs of any drainage problems. Public sewers are handled by the government. Meanwhile, Sewage Treatment Facilities (STP) offer sewage treatments by transporting wastes to their plants and treat them with some chemicals. This arrangement of emptying waste and treating them in plants should be agreed both upon the property owner and the service provider. Both parties should come to an agreement before taking off with the deal. What can be done if there is a drainage trouble? The first step to be taken should be to identify where the problem is. In a few instances, it is usually quite difficult to spot the situation with out excavating or making use of drainage surveillance cameras. It can also help to recognize if your neighbors have the same drainage complications. Checking out the manholes will also help to spot whether or not the problem is in the public sewer. When the problem is in an exclusive drain/sewer in your place, then it will be your liability. If it is in public sewer, it is the government’s liability to take care of it. Just how can most of us get aid? Some government institutions can offer assistance concerning this kind of problem in addition to helping identify what legal duties might be utilized for the particular situation. Once the problem is determined, you can choose which service you want to avail: fixing the problem yourself which yourself can be insured or the authorities themselves can do the work for you and in turn ask for a fee for that particular task.


If you have drainage problems that is caused by your neighbor’s drainage, you can contact proper authorities so they can investigate the matter. They can further send out a plumbing company so they can take appropriate actions.