How to Remove the Build-up of Sludge from Drain Pipes

No one likes the slow drainage and nasty odours caused by the build-up of sludge in drain pipes. To get this sorted out right away, you can contact a highly-reputed plumbing company. If you are not open to spending some time and money for plumbing services, you can remove sludge from drains yourself. Here are the things you should do to remove sludge from drains.

1. Pour boiling water down drains to make the build-up of sludge loose.

2. Fill the tub or sink with a couple of inches of warm water. If the sink to be worked on is a bathroom sink, put a wet rag on the overflow holes near the sink rim, and then press the toilet plunger down the drain five to six times. All the water that is forced through should clear out the sludge.

3. Dump some baking soda down the drain, followed by white vinegar. The chemical reaction resulting from the dumping of these chemicals will cause the breakdown of the sludge. After half an hour, pour boiling water down the drain to flush it.

4. Pour bleach down the drain, making sure to let it sit until the next day to completely dissolve the sludge that built up in it. The following morning, rinse it with boiling water. Make sure to ventilate the entire area well when doing this task so the harmful fumes do not stay in the place for a long time.

5. To avoid sludge build-up in the future, you can fill up every sink and tub every three months. Then with help from other people, open every drain and flush every toilet at once. The massive amounts of water going down the different drains of your home plumbing at the same time should take out all sorts of sludge and build-up in them.

6. Lastly, remember that bleach is a very powerful agent that can discolour a wide range of surfaces. As such, make sure to wipe wet surfaces as soon as you finish working. Also, avoid touching or inhaling bleach, as it can burn your skin and respiratory system.

While doing the above, you may find other plumbing problems in different pipes or taps. If you do, call a plumber to sort them out for you right away. You should also do the same if the aforementioned steps do not work.