Tips To Avoid Blocked Drain In Old Plumbing Pipes

Blocked drain is a very common issue for all houses. This problem keeps on coming in old houses due to old plumbing. However, few simple tips are there by which you can easily avoid blocked drain in old plumbing pipes and these tips are mentioned below.


Use a screen: If you want to keep the clogging away from your drain pipes, then make sure you do not allow soap remains and hair to go into your drain pipes. In order to keep these things away from your drain pipe, you can use a screen with very fine opening. This fine opening will allow only water to go inside your drain pipe and it will restrict all bigger particles like hair and other things out of your drain pipe.


Use hot water and salt: If you don’t see any clogging in your pipes, it doesn’t mean you don’t have any blockage in your pipes. That’s why, you should flush some hot water with salt in your drain pipe every now and then. This combination of water and salt will dissolve any formation of these particles and it will free up your pipe blockage.


Use a trash bin in your toilet: If you will throw all of your toilet papers in your flush, it can block your drain pipes. One thing you can do to avoid this is by keeping a dust bin in your toilet. You can use it to dump all of your wastes instead of flushing it in your toilet.


Along with use of a trash bin, hot water and of a screen, if the situation demands, you can employ the service of a professional plumber so he can check the problems and resolve it before it creates any bigger problems.