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Hot water MIA in Stanmore

Leah tried again, but the darned thing wouldn’t light. She was not going another day without hot water! It wasn’t so bad at first, seeing as the weather was unseasonably warm, but her icy shower this morning had promptly changed her mind. The only issue was, she knew how to relight the pilot light, so why wasn’t it working?

The local Stanmore Plumber arrived that afternoon to see what was wrong with her hot water. He attempted to light the pilot light for her, but quickly found out why it wasn’t working. There was no gas reaching the heater! Leah could have smacked herself in the head, feeling like it was the most obvious answer in the world. After further investigation, the Neighbourhood Plumber found that the gas regulator needed to be replaced. He provided Leah with his quote and she approved the work on the spot. There was no way she was going another day without hot water! The Plumber set up his equipment and set to work removing the old, faulty regulator, and installing the new one. Once the work was complete, he returned to the heater and tried to light the pilot light. He got it on the first try! Leah was ecstatic! She would have hot water again!

Are you suffering with your hot water? Is it refusing to work, or worse, leaking water over your Stanmore home? Contact your local Neighbourhood Plumber today and book an appointment on 0488 886 342!

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