Solar Hot Water Heat versus Hot Water on Demand

When talking of a solar water system, it means using heat energy from the sun to make your water hot. This system is composed of solar thermal collectors, and a water storage tank. It works through interconnecting fluid system and pipes that moves the heat from collectors to hot water tank.


A solar water heater applies the heat from sun rays directly to the water, and not by converting it into electricity. The solar collector is placed in the direction where it will collect maximum heat from the sun during the day. The water is either driven by a pump or due to gravity to the system’s water tank. It transfers heat from the solar collector to the water and then again to the water stored in the tank.


Solar water heater has variety of configurations and each of it differs in performance, designs, cost and level of complexity and most of the systems come with back up water heating such as electricity or gas. A solar water heating system consists of:


• Solar collector which absorb energy from the sun


• Hot water storage tank


• Back up energy source.


• Pump and controls


Hot water on demand

All those who want to save money on their electricity bills and want a reliable source of hot water use tankless water heaters. These heaters are equipped with an intricate network of pipes through which water flows continuously and is heater to the desired temperature. With this heater, you can get hot water on demand at any time during the day.


The best thing is that it reduces energy consumption as no hot water is stored in a tank at constant temperature. When you need water, you can simply turn on the water heater and soon you will get hot water flow that you can use as per your needs. With tankless water heater, you get endless supply of hot water on demand. In terms of solar hot water heat versus hot water on demand the tankless water heater is more efficient and offers better returns on investment.