Why is My Water Heater Leaking?

In case a hot water heater leaks, it might be brought about by a defective temperature setting. Minimizing its pressure might help stop the leak and is achieved by acquiring a new valve. Replacing a new one is better than fixing it as it costs less than repairs. You can ask your local plumbing store about your leaking water heater or you can call an expert plumber to help correct the problem.


Hot water heaters usually has tanks that is covered by a thick surface and could be very hard to fix if there are problems with it. When the leak comes from the tank, it is very difficult to repair it, you might just want to replace it with a new one. Figure out first the origin of the leak and when you realized that it is on any plumbing lines or on the fixtures connected, then there’s a great opportunity that it could be fixed.


1. Turn off the power source first in case you are using an electrical hot water heater.


2. In case you are using a fuel heating unit, switch off the gas device itself.


3. Close the water source by shutting off the valve that allows the passage of water into the tank.


4. Drain the water totally from off the tank.


5. Now try to figure out where is the leaking pipe. You can either fix it or replace it depending on the gravity of the issue. In case it is cemented or soldered, call a plumber and wait for him to fix the problem.


Applying these easy strategies prior to calling a local plumber can very much help you avoid any expensive endeavour.