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Blocked Drains

Plumbing Blockage in Stanmore The buzzer was beeping loudly as Victor pulled the tray out of the oven. He put […]

Emergency Plumbing

An Emergency Plumbing Problem in Stanmore He had all the materials now, timber, cement, nails, a level. Jonas stood with […]

Hot Water

Hot water MIA in Stanmore Leah tried again, but the darned thing wouldn’t light. She was not going another day […]

Pipe Relining

Plumber Stanmore Pipe Relining Blocked drains are a common problem among households in Australia. Nearly all cases of blocked drains […]

Fact you should know about Stanmore

Plumber Stanmore FactLocated in the Inner West of Sydney Stanmore was named by John Jones a prosperous saddler who purchased the land now occupied by Newington College in 1835. Stanmore road was built in 1835 and the railway was constructed in 1855. There was a population boom in the 1880’s with the opening of the Newington College (c.1881) built in the Victorian Gothic architectural style.

Stanmore has retained the quaint village atmosphere with many original terrace houses on leafy green streets with cottage gardens all within a stone’s throw of the city and in close proximity to Newtown and Leichhardt. It is the ideal location for families with access to good schools, childcare and medical facilities.

Older suburbs have older plumbing and fixtures and over time there are changes in the environment that can affect your homes plumbing. Natural movement in the ground can displace pipes particularly earthenware pipes as well as that little tree planted 20 years ago growing into a grand tree with roots that are slowly infesting your sewer line. Should you notice the tell tail signs of gurgling toilets or drains that are holing water, call Plumber Stanmore to investigate the issue for you. We have sewer cameras that can look for breaks in the line and there are many options available to repair the lines, the latest being pipe re-lining removing the necessity of digging up the area to replace pipework.

The 7 reasons to use the services of your Stanmore neighbourhood plumber…



polite technicians with guaranteed appointment times



prices guaranteed before we even lift a wrench


100% Quality service,

all of our work is guaranteed 100%


24 Hour Emergency Services,

we are there when you need us


Cost Effective Services

with multiple job discounts offered and free advice on all plumbing work


Equipped and prepared

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Blocked drain specialists,

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Our technicians, know plumbing, if you live in Stanmore and you need assistance with any gas or plumbing fixtures our services include;

The repair or replacement of dripping or faulty tapware
Running toilets repaired or replaced including leaking cisterns and cracked bowls
Multiple gas services such as repairs to existing lines or installation of new lines and bayonets
Hot Water System maintenance repairs, upgrades and Solar Hot Water installations
Environmentally friendly rainwater tanks installed, repaired or replaced
Leaking water pipes located and repaired saving possible water damage
Sewer and stormwater drains cleared, inspected, repaired, re-lined or re-run

Testimonials - See what our customers are saying about our services

Plumber Stanmore rises above the rest.

Carolyn, like many others, had experienced bad tradesmen before. They left her house a mess, were rude and unhelpful. They turned up late or didn’t turn up at all, without notifying her. She was, frankly, fed up. So when her toilet stopped flushing she was annoyed. She looked online at what she had to do to fix it, tried to fix it, and then found her attempts at D.I.Y. had failed abysmally. She already knew which plumbers not to call; it was a matter of finding someone she could call.

One of her neighbours a couple of doors up had recently had some plumbing work done, and Carolyn hadn’t recognised the truck as one of her previous dodgy tradies. She knocked on the door and asked for an honest opinion, and was sceptical when her neighbour said only good things. But the number was all but forced into her hand, so she decided to give this local Stanmore Plumber a go

Much to her surprise, the Plumber called Carolyn to say he was on his way. When she opened her door he was polite and cheerful. He even had covers on his boots to protect her floors! She showed him to the toilet and watched him take a look, explaining that she’d tried to fix it herself. He agreed that she’d diagnosed the problem correctly, but part didn’t suit her cistern. He provided his price upfront to correct the problem. She agreed, and was pleased to find the Plumber was shortly repairing her problem. He even took the time to clean up some water he’d accidently splashed on the floor, and left the area looking tidy! Even better, her toilet flushed again!

Already thrilled by the service, Carolyn decided to get him to look at a small gas leak to her cooktop, and to look at a dripping hose tap in her backyard.

If you require a local Stanmore Plumber, don’t settle for a Plumber who doesn’t care about you or your home.

Call 0488 886 342 to have a local Plumber who takes care in his work attend to fix your plumbing problems, whether it’s maintenance, repair or an emergency!